Dear friends and fans of swimming sports,

the Swim Team Essen is happy again to welcome the German swimming élite at the Aquatics Centre Essen – Ruettenscheid. Within the scope of the "German Open of Sparkasse Essen" the third part of the qualification to this year's world championships in Kazan / Russia takes place. Swimming sport at the highest level and exciting competitions are preprogrammed.  

Warmly invited to this high-class competition the promising swimmers are also up to the year in 2005. Certainly it will be for the youngest a great experience to be able to take part in a competition in which the whole German swimming élite is represented. 

The appointment from the 01st to the 04th of July lies in the first holiday's week in Nordrhein – Westphalia. Therefore, it is not easy to put together the judges and the assistant's team. Nevertheless, we are confident that many will agree to help. At this point a hearty thank-you in advance to everybody which make available themselves for it.

Also the sports and bath operations-team of the town Essen have promised her often experienced support. For this we say many thanks in advance.

We wish the participant sportswomen and sportsmen a successful competition, before it goes either to the quite big international championship or, however, in the vacation.

Bernhard Gemlau

Chairman of SG Essen